Our Equipment

Our painting is performed inside a Garmant Downdraft Spray Booth.  The cabin of the spray booth is pressurized during paint production, which provides a controlled environment that exceeds EPA requirements.  Once the vehicle has been sprayed, the booth temperature rises to 170 degrees which bakes and strengthens the paint, producing fast cure times and an ultra-clean refinish. By using the vehicle manufacture’s paint code we are able to ensure a proper color match.  Our paint products offer the highest quality in the paint industry with a written lifetime warranty for as long as you own the vehicle.

Our frame rack is the EZ Liner Excelerator made by Chief Automotive Systems.  It has the ability to reverse frame damage on any size personal vehicle up to light commercial vehicles.  The Excelerator is 22 feet long with 10 tons of pulling power at the hook with the ability to do pushes.  With this technology we are able to accurately restore your vehicle to pre-accident condition.

The Genesis Velocity Measuring System complements the frame rack by using a computerized laser measuring system that accurately measures your vehicle’s frame dimensions.  The system provides reports before repairs are performed as well as the final repaired dimension.  This ensures that your frame repair is accurately restored to the vehicle manufacturer’s specifications.